Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

This historical fact is a foundational and indispensable tenet of our faith.

Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is no Christianity, since there would be no living Christ to worship.

And without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is no hope for us in the face of death.

The prophets foretold by the Holy Spirit that the Messiah would suffer and then rise from the dead on the third day, and Jesus Himself confirmed their testimony as the time of His death approached. And everything happened just as He said it would.

Our faith in Jesus is not a blind faith which arbitrarily chooses to listen to and believe Him for no substantial reason. Our faith is founded on the objective reality that our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead, a fact which was verified by over five hundred witnesses.

Jesus Christ is powerful. He conquered death. He brings salvation from sin, from death, and from hell.

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