Announcing our 2021 Shepherds Conference: The Good Soldier

Announcing our 2021 Shepherds Conference: The Good Soldier

We invite you to register now to attend our upcoming shepherds conference, “The Good Soldier,” Wednesday and Thursday, February 17-18, 2021. The conference will be held here at Trinity Reformed Church, Bloomington, Indiana, and is for all church officers and aspiring church officers—with wives welcome. The conference is sponsored by Evangel Presbytery and New Geneva Academy.

In addition to the plenary sessions, we’ll have a breakout seminar for wives led by Barbara Hughes and Mary Lee Bayly titled, “Strengthening Your Husband for the Fight.”

Conference speakers will be Pastors Kent Hughes, Stephen Baker, Tim Bayly, and Andrew Dionne.

Conference attendees are encouraged to attend Evangel Presbytery’s stated meeting the day following the conference, Friday, February 19, 2020.

Here then are the details:

2021 New Geneva Academy Shepherds Conference

The Good Soldier

Suffer hardship as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. -2Timothy 2:3 

Ministry is for Soldiers
Andrew Dionne

Ministry is conflict, so shepherds must be soldiers: “Suffer hardships as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” Pastor Dionne will open up 2Timothy 2:1-7, laying the ​groundwork for understanding the nature of our calling and work.

Soldiers Fight
Tim Bayly

Ministry is conflict, so shepherds must fight. Conflict is hard. What are some guiding principles? Who is our enemy? How can we make sure we’re fighting for Christ’s Kingdom, and not our own?

Soldiers Train
Stephen Baker

No military sends soldiers into battle without bootcamp. The Church needs pastors trained and steeled for warfare. We wrestle not with flesh and blood. More is at stake in ministry than in war. Shepherds fight to rescue immortal souls facing the judgment seat of God, so the Church’s training of her shepherds must exceed the rigor of boot camp. What steps can the Church take to reclaim the training of Her shepherds?

Soldiers Suffer
Kent Hughes

Ministry is a call to suffer with Jesus for the sake of His Bride, the Church. This suffering takes many forms, but is unavoidable. The pastor who avoids suffering is unfaithful. How can a pastor prepare his own heart, as well as the hearts of his wife and children, for the trouble and pain they will suffer in the course of ministry?

Soldiers Work
Kent Hughes

Ministry is hard work. You’re no ordinary civilian. The Chief Shepherd has drafted you and you’re now His soldier. Add to the work of preaching the additional work of pastoral care. You visit. You listen and provide counsel. You admonish. You rebuke. You strengthen and encourage. You pray for God’s people. How do pastors and elders remain faithful when they have reached the limits of their own strength? Pastor Hughes will share the ways God has strengthened him and his wife, Barbara, over a lifetime of pastoral ministry.


Wednesday, February 17

600 PM Registration
700 PM Session 1 (Andrew Dionne)
830 PM Meet & Greet

Thursday, February 18

800 AM Continental Breakfast
900 AM Session 2 (Tim Bayly)
1030 AM Session 3 (Stephen Baker)
1030 AM Women’s Breakout: “Strengthening Your Husband for the Fight” (Barb Hughes & Mary Lee Bayly)
1200 PM Lunch
130 PM Session 4 (Kent Hughes)
300 PM Free time (have dinner with friends at local restaurants)
700 PM Final Session 5 (Kent Hughes)
815 PM Panel Discussion w/ Kent & Barbara Hughes and Tim & Mary Lee Bayly

Friday, February 19
1000 AM Evangel Presbytery Meeting


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