One man is furious with our earlier piece criticizing our hero, John Piper’s, attack on President Trump and Piper’s dissing Christians who support the President. The man writes:

John Piper “ISN’T standing with pro-lifers for Biden, or supporting Biden. That is Tim Bayly’s misrepresentation. It is false and irresponsible at best and slanderous at worst.”

My “misrepresentation” of John is “false,” “irresponsible,” or “slanderous,” and that misrepresentation is that I said John is “standing with pro-lifers for Biden” and “supporting Biden.”

Neither is true.

I did not say John “is standing with pro-lifers for Biden” and “supporting Biden.”

What I actually said was John “declares the President’s pride equally pro-death as Vice President Biden’s baby slaughter, thus joining a bunch of other Christian celebrities who (on another web site) announced themselves Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden.”

Others have misconstrued my words in the same way. I can understand some of them might fault me for not writing in a way that leaves readers open to this misunderstanding. Maybe the problem is partly my writing. Maybe partly the problem is their comprehension. Maybe the problem is partly their anger that anyone has dared to point out John’s sin?

Most reasonable people, though, have understood that I’m saying the things John and the Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden have in common is declaring President Trump “pro-death.” This is the clear meaning of liberal Evangelicals claiming to be pro-life in their voting; that the Republican candidate is not really pro-life, but pro-death. That’s why they posture themselves as being the ones who are really and truly pro-life.

That is precisely how John postures himself in his piece: he is the one who really and actually and spiritually and morally and eternally opposes death and is, therefore, truly and really and actually and fully and seamlessly pro-life.

John is agreeing with all the liberal, social justice Evangelicals in opposing President Trump for not being pro-life, but rather pro-death. That this is what they are all together saying is incontrovertible. Read John’s piece. His point is to throw shade on the President for being a pro-death candidate.

John’s entire piece opposes the candidate, President Trump, for being pro death. That is what he agrees with liberal Evangelicals on. They may or may not differ in how the President is pro-death, but that he is pro-death is their full agreement.

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