The Girl with the Hungry Eyes (Fritz Leiber)

The Girl with the Hungry Eyes (Fritz Leiber)

“All right, I’ll tell you why the Girl gives me the creeps. Why I can’t stand to go downtown and see the
mob slavering up at her on the tower, with that pop bottle or pack of cigarettes or whatever it is beside
her. Why I hate to look at magazines any more because I know she’ll turn up somewhere in a brassiere
or a bubble bath. Why I don’t like to think of millions of Americans drinking in that poisonous halfsmile.
It’s quite a story—more story than you’re expecting.”
Nathan makes a noble attempt to defend a story that Brandon doesn’t care about at all, as our heroes continue their October Halloween story series, discussing ‘The Girl with the Hungry Eyes’ by Fritz Leiber, the inventor of sword and sorcery.


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Music: “Signs In The Fields” by Cinematicwaves, licensed by a Creative Commons 3.0 license.

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