As promised in our earlier post, here is the update concerning Sunday mornings and other aspects of ministry here at Trinity Reformed Church in the coming three weeks. We plan to have worship together on Palm Sunday and Easter. The only question is whether those services will be in the sanctuary, or outdoors. Time will tell.

If you would like to join with us in our online podcasts the next three Lord’s Days, please send our church office an email. Thanks, and may God have mercy on us all.

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Update | Saturday, 03.14.20

Dear Church Family,

Thank you for your patience as we’ve worked to come up with a plan for caring for one another over the next several weeks. We have three things we’d like to tell you about:

First, for each of the next three Sundays we will be broadcasting live at 11am from our recording studio.

We’ll begin broadcasting an hour beforehand so all of us will have plenty of time to be sure we’re hooked up and ready to go. That first hour will just be some music and motion, so you can know that the stream is working. We will send out links for this broadcast tomorrow morning.

These Sunday morning broadcasts will be a time for song, Scripture reading, encouragement, and exhortation. We will also be walking through our plans for the next several weeks.

Second, we will be putting together and sending out a family devotional that will take all of us through Isaiah 53 over the coming weeks. This will be in keeping with our church-wide Scripture memory program. We will have one devotion each day, Monday through Friday.

If you’re able, we’d like all our individuals and households to worship together in this way.

Third, we will be holding a prayer service Monday through Friday from 5:30–6pm. This prayer service will be working through the same devotional that we will be sending out to all individuals and households. We’d like to encourage you to join us in this, but not more than once each week. This is in order to keep these gatherings small.

At these services, we will rearrange our rows to be spread apart. When you do come, we’d like to ask you to sit with your families (but to maintain some distance from other families), to practice good hygiene (washing your hands and using hand sanitizer), and to avoid physical greetings. Let the love of Christ on your face and in your smile be sufficient.

If you have technical issues with tomorrow’s service, please call one of the following people:

Forest Gafford – 502.724.5083
Lane Bowman – 812.360.9976
Nathan Alberson – 812.361.2833
Ryan Schnitzer – 812.929.8177
Matt Nikirk – 812.318.2276

If you have any needs whatsoever, or would just like someone to pray with you, please feel free to call any of our pastors or the church office:

Church Office – 812.825.2684
Stephen Baker – 812.360.7457
Tim Bayly – 812.361.8940
Jason Chen – 415.430.8489
Max Curell – 812.360.0145
Jody Killingsworth – 812.369.2002
Jake Mentzel – 812.455.8440
Philip Moyer – 812.327.7691
Lucas Weeks – 812.369.1700

With love,

Pastor Jake
On behalf of the pastoral staff

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