Joel Osteen. Pastor, televangelist … fraud. Obvious fraud. Except people really buy into him and he’s really successful. And not just dumb people. Smart, successful people. It’s one thing to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s another to be a wolf in wolf’s clothing. Which is pretty much what Joel is. So … what’s the deal? Where does this guy come from? What’s he up to? Why do people fall for it? Featuring Chip and Lance, and Desmond Dark and Andy Jukeman.

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On the history of Joel Osteen and Lakewood: 
Lakewood’s own account of their history. 
Houston History’s history of Lakewood. 
Indianapolis Star article on Osteen. 
Houston Chronicle history of Osteen. 
Article on Paul Osteen (Joel’s brother).
Article on Lisa Osteen (Joel’s sister).

Stats and facts: 
Houston race and church attendance.
Houston Chronicle on how Lakewood spends its money.

Interviews and videos: 
Transcript of Larry King interview with Joel. 
Commercial for Lakewood Church under John Osteen. 
John Osteen preaching.
John Osteen’s memorial service (Part 1). 
John Osteen’s memorial service (Part 2).
Oprah clip with Joel on following in John’s footsteps.
Oprah clip with Joel making a woman feel worthy. 
Oprah clip with Joel on being wealthy.
Oprah clip with Joel defending against criticisms. 

Deadly Roulette by Kevin MacLeod used by Creative Commons Attribution license. 
Aurora by Jonny Easton (Check out his channel!). Elegy and Farewell Life by Nights Amore and Arn Andersson. Night Drive by Savfk used by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Song of Solomon by Alexandros T and Savfk used by Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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