Between the Lions: Song of Moses

Between the Lions: Song of Moses

In the new My Soul Among Lions podcast, our heroes talk about … okay, so it’s more of a canticle. But it’s still a song from My Soul Among Lions, newly available on iTunes and Spotify and all that jazz. And today our heroes are discussing what the song means and what went into setting it, as well as introducing themselves, and talking a little bit about the history of My Soul Among Lions.

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About The Authors


Nathan Alberson is co-founder and creative director of Warhorn Media. He produces and appears on many podcasts—including The Bookening, Sound of Sanity, Sanity at the Movies, Then Comes What, and The Ville. He is married to the incandescent Meredith.


Philip Moyer serves as pastor at Trinity Reformed Church in Bloomington, Indiana, where he leads worship, the choir ministry, and senior high youth group. He is also a member/songwriter of My Soul Among Lions.


Jake is the CEO of Warhorn Media and the discipleship pastor of Clearnote Church. He also teaches at Clearnote Pastors College.

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