And now cometh Revoice 2019.

Vice pitied becomes vice embraced. This gayfest initially planned and led by a number of alumni of Covenant Theological Seminary is metastasizing, becoming a tradition of celebratory events in support of coming out as “gay” in the Church of Jesus Christ.

Gay Christians.

Gay Christian families.

Gay Christian live-in partners.

Gay Christian live-in partners sharing foster and adopted children.

Gay Christian live-in partners sharing foster and adopted children who work as pastors.

All of them together denouncing shame.

All of them together LivingOUT of the closet.

All of them together sashaying up to the table of our Lord.

All of them qualified to preside over the table of our Lord.

So say they.

Yet Covenant Theological Seminary can’t find enough love for her alumni to warn them of the coming wrath. She herself won’t have any profs speaking there this year, you must understand. But will she change the curriculum that inoculated these students against Biblical sexual morality?

A recent alum just read me his notes taken in a Covenant class recording Covenant’s prof (whom he named but I will leave nameless) defending sex-change therapy and surgery.

Meanwhile, Covenant’s public face has been President Dalbey reassuring constituents that all’s well at CTS because they’ve never wavered in their teaching that gays should be celibate and…

Homosexual marriage is wrong.

What more could one ask?

Here are a few of the Revoice 2019 workshops:




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