People on FB have expressed shock at my referring to Democrats as “God-haters.” I get it. These people are your mother and father, your brothers and sisters, your pastor and elders and deacons.

Sure, your friend doesn’t hate God because you love God and your friend wouldn’t hate anyOne you love. You just have political differences, but neither of you takes politics very seriously.

God comes first. Always.

But then this friend gives to United Way and United Way money goes to slaughtering children. United Way and Planned Parenthood are just like Treblinka. Auschwitz. The Gulag and Pol Pot and Chairman Mao.

But if you stop to think about it, maybe Hitler and Stalin and Chairman Mao loved God, too? You know? I mean, what if Hitler was your neighbor and Stalin your brother and Chairman Mao your pastor? What if you liked them? What if they were into Indie music? The Cubs? Keds?

Naw, Democrats aren’t God-haters. They fight for the right to slaughter infants, but what does that have to do with hating God? God’s Big Enough to understand political disagreements, right?

He took the Canaanites’ slaughter of their babies and sodomitic buggering in stride for 400 years, but here in the U.S. we’ve only been at it for about fifty. God owes us another 350 years before accountability, right?

The wickedness of Democrats is beyond description. Our land will vomit them out (Leviticus 18-20).

Here we have a video showing the most foundational of Democrats’ political commitments. What kind of seared conscience does such things? What kind of political party fights for her right to do such things?

People are saying we’re in a cold civil war.

The babies say it isn’t cold at all.

Listen to them.

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