Serious question. Two articles (heh) popped up in my reading this week that led me to ask this question. The first is this one from 2013 titled “Why You Should Stop Reading the News.” The ensuing discussion on Hacker News can be found here.

Today at Clearnote Pastors College, we read and discussed an old article by Joe Sobran. I always appreciate Sobran, and I was inspired by the article to find more written by him. I came across an article titled “The Prophetic C.S. Lewis“, and in it, I found this:

Lewis was sometimes laughably ignorant of current events. His friends were once amused to discover that he was under the impression that Tito, the Communist dictator of Yugoslavia, was the king of Greece. But the very distance he kept from politics enabled him to see large outlines invisible to those preoccupied with the daily news.

Honestly, what is the point of reading what is called “the news” today?

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