Psalm 32 is a penitential song which urges the keeping of short accounts with God. This version was composed and sung by My Soul Among Lions member Philip Moyer.

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How Blessed Is the Man (Psalm 32)

How blessed is the man
Whose transgressions are forgiven
How blessed is the man
Whose spirit tells the truth within
To be free from guilt and shame
To be holy, without blame
How blessed is the man
To whom the LORD God gave His Name

When I was silent in my sin
My bones wasted away
Your heavy hand pressed down on me
And held through night and day
Oh, the burning heat, like summer’s day,
Had drained the life in me
And by the trials that You gave
You made my eyes to see

How blessed is the man…

I laid my sin before Your throne
And nothing did I hide
I said, “I will confess to you”
And cast it all aside
Oh, the guilt that I had held within
Brought me to my grave
But You forgave me all my sin
And showed Your power to save

How blessed is the man…

Therefore every godly man
Must pray while You’ll be found
Though many waters rise
He will be safe upon the ground
O Lord, You are my hiding place
No trouble threatens me
And songs of Your deliverance
Do bear me safely free

I will be a guide to you
A light upon your way
O, be not like a stubborn mule
Come freely and obey
For many sorrows come upon
The wicked men who groan
But lovingkindness showers down
From God upon His own

How blessed…

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