It’s time to face the truth. The Democrats are in open warfare against our Constitution, Executive Branch of government, their fellow citizens, the rule of law, and God. Straight up.

We must recover the honesty and courage to see and name their crimes, then make a decision whether we love this nation and desire for it to survive.

When President Obama was elected, Christians had to decide whether we would honor the office despite it being held by a man who believed in the slaughter of viable infants saying he’d want his own grandchildren aborted if it saved his daughters from a “mistake.”

A bloodthirsty man saluting Molech, we decided this union called the United States was larger than our president, so we would submit to him. And we did—all of us. For instance, I disciplined myself to always use the honorific before his name as a symbol of his authority. God set him over us and I didn’t want to foment disrespect for his authority or office.

No such honor or respect for the office of president, their fellow citizens who placed Donald Trump in that office, or the Constitution that decreed this as a matter of law has been demonstrated by the Democrats. Just the opposite. From President Trump’s election down to this day, the indignities, humiliations, media frenzied lies, obscenities, damnations, prosecutorial prospecting, illegal obstructions, and rebellions Democrats have perpetrated against our President and those citizens who elected him could not have made it more clear to the watching world that no Democrat is interested in respecting the office or submitting to the will of the electorate.

For Democrats, there is no “we the people.”

Despite President Trump being duly elected by our citizens through our electoral college, Democrats have demonstrated time and again that they’d sooner die than accept President Trump’s authority. Just to take me for an example, since President Trump’s election I’ve been the recipient of an obscenity printed on a postcard directed against our president from a dear relative.

The obscenity wasn’t handwritten. It was the f-word and it was printed on a postcard. It was the postcard’s main feature that commended it to my relative’s purchase, then signing and placing it in the USPS mail posted to my address. So we know a lot of people buy this stuff and send it through the USPS visible for all to see, and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their hateful obscenities and rebellion.

What kind of a union is this? Obscene hats on the Capital Mall and obscene postcards our mailpersons are forced to carry and obscene insults against our President on all the news media both print, audio, and video.

Sure, our President is not the most genteel man with the greatest bedside manner, but always keep in mind that Ronald Reagan was an actor, and his wife, Nancy, got him to schedule things with an astrologer. Genteel is overrated when your enemies are crying you down with the f-word and their actresses (women, for those who forgot) are threatening mayhem and death against you.

A top-notch corporate attorney who’s older and has put in decades defending pro-lifers (successfully) told me he and the members of the Federalist Society in his city knew it would all be over if Senator Hillary Clinton won. Her appointments to the judiciary on top of President Obama’s would have been catastrophic and, if it were even possible, it would have taken generations to undo the damage.

At a small meeting in another city, an attorney of the Alliance Defending Freedom told us the same: if Senator Clinton had won, they believed there would have been no way forward for their organization.

Then Donald Trump won.

My Federalist friend said he and the Christians in his city’s chapter of the Federalist Society had been praying Sen. Clinton would not win. When President Trump won, he’d told his fellow attorneys he thought God had answered by saying to them, “Alright, I’ll give you what you ask for, but not the way you want. You’re going to have Donald Trump as your president; he will be the one to save you from Hillary Clinton.” In other words, while answering their prayer, this brother believed President Trump is a gift from God for our discipline and shame.

He’s thankful, but ashamed.

Move over to the side of my relative, though; she is absolutely certain that education is the solution to the evils in this world. For instance, spanking. Recently she told me the more educated people become, the less they spank. And her certainty this was a good thing was a sight to behold. So absolutely certain of it that I didn’t bother responding. How do you answer the conceit of liberals without suffering their hatred and fury? Look at our President. Look at Mrs. Pence. Look at our Secretary of Education. Look at the young men of Covington High School.

We have no union with Democrats. They say so themselves.

Democrats of our country thought they had it all sewn up. Then along came President Donald Trump and ever since their fury has known no containment. It is out of control and spirals towards violent civil war. Imagine what they will be like and what steps they will take if we reelect President Trump, putting him in the White House for a second four-year term. They will froth at the mouth and no one would be surprised if they took up arms.

They had convinced themselves that all the working stiffs were dying out from heroin and alcohol, so that would solve the problem of the stupidity of poor whites who hadn’t been properly educated by their houses of propaganda called “public” schools and “higher” education. Then those men came roaring back and elected themselves a president they absolutely adore.

To say it infuriated the teachers unions and their conceited and ignorant graduates is the understatement of this young century.

They’d made baby-slaughter legal and torn apart upwards of fifty million little babies, throwing their body parts into our landfills and flushing them down our sewers.

They’d made abortifacient morning-after drugs available over-the-counter so Kroger’s pharmacists could take part in the murders over by the ice cream aisle.

They’d repealed all the laws against sodomy on the books of all the states of our union.

They’d made sodomite and lesbian marriage legal and were busy shaming and bankrupting cake-bakers who declined to take money to help the bride and bride celebrate.

They’d passed laws criminalizing sexual identity counseling in many states and were on a rush to finish the job elsewhere.

They’d threatened Christian attorneys with ethics violations if they had the temerity even to quibble, let alone litigate, against their sexual debauchery and murders.

They had set up a court system and child welfare social services that removed all accountability from mothers for the destruction of their marriage and family. From the judge downwards, all authority was bound up in the hands of angry, bitter women leaving men incapable of defending themselves or their children.

Shall I go on?

No-fault divorce.

Legalized marijuana.

No homeland security at our borders, but yes at the airport where they have arrogated to themselves the authority to look at our private parts.

Me Too where, again, women’s moral agency is denied just as it has long been in divorce and abortion.

Bail out the rich with the too-big-to-fail nonsense while systematically turning a blind eye to the crash-and-burn morbidity statistics of uneducated white men across our continent.

They don’t care about these men. These men elected President Donald Trump, so let them kill themselves.

Shall I go on?

Since the sixties, they’d been on a roll and were convinced (as were the Federalist Society and the Alliance Defending Freedom) that President Hillary Clinton would consolidate their totalitarianism of rebellion against God. That rebellion would be enshrined in law and the appointment of corrupt justices and judges, both assuring the continuity of their bloodlust and perversions for generations to come.

Then the good souls of our country sent Samson to the White House and these God-hating women and men are raging, just as Psalm 2 describes. They hate God. They hate God’s Law. They hate God’s people. They hate God’s Church. They hate God’s justice. They hate God’s mercy. They hate God’s Son Who has been given all authority in Heaven and on Earth by His Father.

It’s time to separate from these debauched and bloodthirsty ghouls. We need to separate from Sodom and Gomorrah. How?

I don’t know.

What I do know is there is no union with Democrats. None. They have shown us they refuse to abide by the rule of law. Since Donald Trump was put in the White House by the electorate of this nation, they have shown they have not the slightest commitment to play by the rules, so out with them. Banish them and let’s get on with the rule of law in the United States of America.

We’ve done it once, reversing the Supreme Court’s 7-2 Dred Scott decision denying the citizenship and personhood of African slaves.

It’s time to do it again. Roe v. Wade passed by the same majority of 7-2. It also denied the citizenship and personhood of human beings made in the Image and Likeness of God.

Now it’s time to right that wrong. The Democrats’ bloodlust knows no limit. Day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, it runs on unhindered and spreads around the world.

Democrats have no union with the people of God. We have no union with them, starting in our families and churches.

Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.
Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.
Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and ye perish from the way,
when His wrath is kindled but a little.

Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him.

(Psalm 2:10-12)

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