Email from Bryan Chapell, former president of the PCA’s Covenant Theological Seminary and current Senior Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Illinois.

Hi, [Tim Bayly}.

Last year my team and I produced my free video workshop called, “3 Keys to Preaching with Gospel Confidence.”

At the end of the workshop, I shared about my online course, Preparation and Delivery of Sermons to help preachers, lay leaders, and seminary students teach and preach with greater clarity and conviction so people will want to listen and lives are changed for Christ.

Perhaps you had the opportunity to watch the workshop and maybe you even signed up for the Prep and Del course.

I’m popping into your in-box to let you know that I’m offering the free workshop and course again.

But I’ve got great news! 

After much feedback, I realized that many people need a lower price point to make the course accessible, or felt they would benefit most from particular lessons, such as learning how to craft powerful illustrations, or understanding the 3 main components of an expository sermon.

I want to make sure that everyone who is interested in the course is able to benefit from it. 

For this reason, I have created new, very affordable and flexible pricing and course options that I hope will be a better fit for you if you weren’t able to participate in the course last time.

I’d like to invite you to watch the “3 Keys to Preaching with Gospel Confidence”again and even share it with a friend.

You can access it here. 

I’ll be in touch later this week with more information about these new, exciting pricing and course options.

As it was last year, the workshop will only be available for a week.

I’m honored to serve you.

In Christ,

Bryan Chapell
Christ-Centered Preaching

P.S. I’ll make the 2nd video workshop available for you soon. 

Keller sells his sermons.

We don’t.

Chapell sells his preaching secrets.

We have none.

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