In which Al Mohler, Russ Moore, and the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors get their way…
A current USNews headline reports the passage of a new law in Denver criminalizing counseling calling minors to obey the sex God made them:
Providers found to be practicing conversion therapy would be fined
Announcing his city’s criminalization of counseling calling LGBTQs to repentance, Denver’s mayor says:
Who they are is something to be celebrated, not maligned, and Denver will always be there to lift up our youth and ensure that they have the opportunity to grow up safe, happy and healthy.

So far there are fourteen states and more cities (Cincy, NYC, D.C., Denver, etc.) who have criminalized counseling that calls LGBTQs to repentance. Al Mohler, Russ Moore, and the Association for Biblical Counseling have been condemning this counseling for years without any outcry against them by fellow Gospel Coalitionists, the Southern Baptist Convention, or their leadership and membership. So now in Denver any Christian arrested and/or fined for calling the effeminate, gays, and the transgendered to repentance has them to thank. To say Mohler, Moore, Burke, and the ACBC have betrayed the Church and her shepherds as well as the souls under their (and our) care doesn’t begin to touch it. They have betrayed God and His Word. They have called evil what is good.

Sadly, I’m afraid we love it this way—having sneaky places to hide defended by sneaky shepherds and certified Biblical counselors seems to be the itch the church wants her celebrities to scratch just now.

Do you think this statement is off base?

Then prove it wrong. Shame these hypocritical brothers.

If you don’t know the history behind this, read The Grace of Shame.

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