We’re pleased to announce that Song of the King: Psalms 21–30 is now available wherever you get your music. Here are the details:

Patreon: If you sign up to support us on Patreon for any amount (as little as $1/month) you can download the album along with the new songs we’ve been working on (including Psalm 31 and Isaiah 40)—all while supporting us in our ongoing work. Also, we’re only one person away from 100 supporters, so be that guy! Click here.

Bandcamp: Easy way to get the album in physical or digital form. Click here.

Amazon: Eventually the hardcopy will be available here, but for now it’s only digital. Click here.

iTunes: If you still use iTunes, we’ve got you covered. Click here.

And if you’re a Spotify sort of person, well…that’s covered too. Have a listen:

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