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Hey! This is a fun little item. Our heroes got to do their first live show as a fundraiser for Charis Classical Academy in Madison, WI, hosted by Red Village Church. (If you’re in the area, you ought to check both of ’em out!) And you can listen to it. If YOU want to book The Bookening, get in touch. We are totally down. Here’s the description from the ad copy of what our heroes did:

Art In Art’s Place: Lessons from Shakespeare, Austen, and Tolstoy On How to Stop Being a Pretentious Poser and Start Making a Difference.

Christians love to talk about redeeming the culture through art. The Bookening Live Show is here to tell you that’s a lot of hooey, Jack. Probably you’re not changing much of anything through art. At least nothing super big and theoretical. But if you put art in its proper place, you might be able be a little helpful to some people. You might even end up changing the culture by accident. Need some proof? Come hear what William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Leo Tolstoy each have to teach us.

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