SAM: Raiders of the Lost Ark

SAM: Raiders of the Lost Ark

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Raiders of the Lost Ark is a film that our heroes watched and talked about. Is Indiana Jones a good hero? Would Marion be a good wife? Is the film’s depiction of divine power good or bad? Other questions! Featuring The Popcorn Coalition.

Music: Free Vibes’s Way To Dream – Inspiring Piano And Strings by Keys Of Moon Music (Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

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Nathan Alberson is co-founder and creative director of Warhorn Media. He hosts three podcasts—The Bookening, The World We Made, and Sound of Sanity.


Jake is the CEO of Warhorn Media and the discipleship pastor of Clearnote Church. He also teaches at Clearnote Pastors College.


Engineer. Production assistant. Podcaster. Is there anything Ben Sulser DOESN'T do?

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