Welcome to our new Warhorn channel!

Here’s what will be appearing here on a regular basis…

New songs

We’re writing and recording a new psalm every month, and you can listen to those tracks right here as they’re released. We’re working on Psalm 31 now. Lord willing, it will drop the third Thursday of September. Stay tuned!

New videos

We often get requests for new videos and so we plan to start making a lot more of them. Our first music video from the new album is ready to go and will be viewable here later this week. Here’s a short trailer:

There’ll be other videos, too—interviews, song tutorials, behind the scenes kinds of stuff. Basically anything and everything we think you’ll find helpful or interesting about our work. If you have ideas for these, let us know: mysoulamonglions@gmail.com

New articles

We want to help worship leaders reform the worship of their churches, and so we’ll be writing theological and practical articles on topics ranging from psalm singing to masculine worship, vernacular styles to the flow of a service. Here too, if you want us to address something in particular, let us know, and we’ll give it our best shot.

Why we’re doing this

It’s simple: We love the Psalms and think you should to. We love the Church and want to be helpful to her. We love to worship God and to share that love with others. This channel gives us a place to share those loves with you. If you’re interested, please follow along.

How you can help!

Last thing. If you want to support this work and get early access to the stuff we’re creating, including the entirety of our new album and a peek at the new video, visit Patreon.com/msal and sign up today. Just a $1 a month gets you early access and plenty of other exclusive benefits, and it would make a big difference to our ability to give ourselves to this work.

All for now! Exciting content coming your way very soon.

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