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Our heroes don’t have a good track record with movies. In fact, they’ve never liked one in a completely unqualified manner. But now they’re watching a stone cold classic, Howard Hawks’s *The Big Sleep.* Will this break the Bookening movie curse????????????????

00:01 Nathan forgets to introduce us
03:53 We watched *The Big Sleep*!
05:11 Nathan gives some context
10:00 Nathan continues to rant
15:26 Dead bug on Brandon’s shoulder
16:00 Sexiness of Bogart
18:30 American manliness
22:00 Old movieness
26:12 Where was the grit?
28:28 Just add sex
30:18 Why does grit help the morals?
36:30 Movie Vivian vs. Book Vivian
37:49 Don’t get excited about Faulkner
40:13 Coveted LSOA
42:47 Donor shout-outs!
46:15 Nathan introduces us!
48:00 The show continues for some reason

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