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Pastor Scott Sauls is puzzled that God would distinguish between men and women in the home and church. He can’t find it in him to understand it, but he will nevertheless obey, he says. Sauls writes,

While we are not certain exactly why God would identify men as his chosen instruments to serve as representative, servant-leader “head of household” in both the home and the church… what we understand Scripture to be saying on these matters must hold the day.

Because Pastor Sauls is unsure why God has done this, and because he seems somewhat-less-than-overjoyed that God has done this, I offer Pastor Sauls ten reasons to rejoice in God’s distinctions between men and women, and to find happiness in observing those distinctions.

  1. Revelation. The hidden things of God are hidden things. Revealed things are for us and our children to obey. These distinctions are revealed truth. Praise God for communicating His will! All revelation is pure and good, and in Scripture’s distinguishing between men and women we have a revelation of His will. Rejoice! God has spoken.
  2. Boundaries. God did not inform us how the component parts of the atom should relate. In seeking this knowledge we learn to split the atom and we use our insights to kill. Where there is no revelation the people delight in destruction. But where God has spoken, we have our boundaries, they are good and pleasant because they are of God and they lead to life.
  3. Sovereignty. Observing His distinctions between man and woman is a reminder that God is sovereign and sovereignty drives its subjects toward humility. It is not because I am smarter that I am American. It’s solely by God’s providence. It is not because I am morally better that I know Christ as Savior. It is only by God’s mercy. I am a man because God made me so. I lead as a man because God declared it so through creation and revelation. I am nothing. God is all. Guided by humility I am more likely to honor Him in the way I lead.
  4. Divine Will. The mind of God is the mind of God. Why should we not murder? Why should we not covet? Why is Jesus our sacrifice rather than the blood of bulls and lambs? Because God says so. God says it. God is good. It is therefore good, pleasing and acceptable to me.
  5. Holiness. Praise God, this is an area in which we can practice holiness in being set apart from the world. His Word is clear. It runs counter to our day. I shine for Him by accepting and living by His Word in this area.
  6. Obedience. What a blessing! I would not know what it is to obey except God requires of me things I would not otherwise do. Thank you, Lord, for requiring such things of me. I know you best as Father through your discipline.
  7. Protection. We men are stewards, not owners. When men own and strength rules, women are abused.
  8. Glory. Woman is the glory of man according to the Word of God. Man is the image and glory of God, woman the glory of man. If God loves man and seeks His good as His glory, how happy we should be that God has given us woman to care for, love, honor His image through, and know as our glory.
  9. Fruitfulness. Fruitfulness is a joy for those who embrace God, and here as everywhere in Creation, God gives natures that correspond to calling. We are to be fruitful. Our bodies and natures reflect this. Without that calling, differentiation is pointless. With that calling comes every great joy in life, from love and marriage and sex through children and grandchildren.
  10. My will. Jesus said, “My will is to do the will of Him who sent me.” If Jesus found joy in submitting His will to the Father, so do I. It is my will to do His will. It is not mine to question why. It is mine, as it was for Jesus, to do and die. His will is my will. It’s that simple. I do the will of God because it’s the will of my Creator and Redeemer. Praise God that I have been delivered from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His Son, the Kingdom of light. I have an inheritance there. I am qualified by God for that inheritance. I love the light of God, and I live by that light as a man

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