In the United States today, many Christian lawyers, doctors, judges, mayors, governors, principals, and superintendents of school districts decide to save their jobs by joining in the persecution of Christians. It’s shameful that most of the men who fire Christians are in church singing praise songs Sunday morning.

Brownsburg High School Principal Bret Daghe fired his high school orchestra teacher, John Kluge, because Kluge follows a policy Daghe approved a year ago, that Kluge could address the students in his classroom and orchestra by their last names. All of his students.

It seemed like a reasonable compromise, but after a year of transgender students making a stink, Daghe buckled under the pressure.

Why did Kluge not address the students by their first names?

Several students decided they would dress up as the opposite sex and demand that everyone call them by a new name that sounded more opposite-sexish. They announced it at the end of the school year one year ago and Mr. Kluge was faced with a decision he needed to make by the beginning of the next school year: should he acquiesce to what he knew was contrary to the most basic command given to mankind by God—that from the beginning He made each of us either male or female—or should he act and speak as if everything was fine when students changed their clothes, names, and washroom-of-choice?

Mr. Kluge went to his principal and worked out the last-name compromise which he followed this past year. Now, though, Principal Daghe has fired him.

Yes, it can be argued that it’s fine for a Christian school teacher to use the name of choice year by year as this or that student makes his preference clear, particularly if the student’s father and/or mother are in agreement and go on record saying so.1 Teachers’ authority over students is derivative from parents, so teachers must frequently defer to decisions parents make that the teacher knows are physically, psychologically, and spiritually harmful to their sons and daughters.

But is there no place for the teachers’ own conscience in public schools today? This is the issue. Music teacher Kluge is not demanding that every teacher who confesses Christ do as he’s done. He is not shaming Christian teachers and principals and superintendents who go along with confused and rebellious children by allowing them to change names and bathrooms. If Principal Daghe and teachers at Brownsburg High School who are Christians decide to go along with the perverse charade and not express any objection to the parents or students involved, that’s their choice and they will answer to God for it one day. All of North America can choose to go along with this sexual perversion and act like it’s no big deal. But keep in mind that, if it’s all of North America, it will be predominantly confessing Christians doing so.

Have at it, America! Go along with destructive lies and tell yourself it’s not your responsibility to speak up in the Areopagus as the Apostle Paul did. You’re just a lowly principal. You’re just a lowly superintendent. You’re just a lowly professor. You’re just a lowly doctor, judge, senator, governor, or vice president. What can a poor boy or girl do, anyway?

But even if you are convinced Almighty God approves of your compromise, can you not find it within youself to defend a brother in Christ whose conscience leads him in a different direction? Do you really have to fire this new Dad who has a young wife and child depending upon his income?

School systems are so inundated by children going off on a whim and cross-dressing and cross-naming that they’ve had to adopt policies limiting the number of times a student can declare he’s switched his sex and name. Some school districts limit it to three, but the sheer hypocrisy of it is clear to even an imbecile. What happens if it takes three switches to get it right? Can we really not be patient with children trying things out? Many adults can’t get their choice of husband or wife right until they’ve gone through five or six of them, so why persecute children for taking three changes to get their sex right?

Isn’t sex a sort of day-by-day thing? One day you wake up and feel female and call yourself Semantha and need to use the stalls with the doors in the girls’ bathroom, but the next day you wake up and feel yourself more maleish and call yourself Brad and feel up to standing out there in the open using the urinals in the boys’ bathroom.

Deferring to student’s whims concerning their sex is destructive to them and the other students who are watching. Studies show2 that adolescents who feel conflicted about their sexuality almost always come back home to the sex God assigned them by early adulthood, so why can’t our society act on that irrefutable truth and discipline boys and girls to learn to live as God commanded them?

But no, we’re all in an orgy of sexual rebellion and there’s no room for one tender Christian conscience who cares more about his students’ wellbeing and peace than his peaceful sleep at night and his job.

Could Principal Daghe really not find it within himself to care more for his students and teacher than he cares for himself?

We wonder why our children come home from church Sunday morning and announce they’re gay. Of course they’re gay. Sitting in the pews in front and in back and beside them are women with butch haircuts who are brash and men with flowing locks who are effeminate and principals who fire teachers for still having a conscience concerning the sexual wellbeing of their students.

Also pastors who have been told it’s not their job to intermeddle with matters properly under the jurisdiction of the civil magistrate.

Which is to say we’re all gay.

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1But note the movement of school systems to bypass parents in this matter.
2See Exhibit H: EXPERT DECLARATION OF Paul W Hruz, M.D., Ph.D.

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