For more than fifteen years, Mark Dalbey and I served in the same PCA presbytery. I’ve always had a sincere affection for him. Following Bryan Chapell, it’s pleased me to see a man of his meekness and humility take on the presidency of Covenant Theological Seminary.

That said, in his statement released today in response to our posts on Revoice, Mark demonstrates the depth of Covenant’s commitment to Revoice’s betrayal of Scripture.

This saddens me as I’m sure it saddens many other pastors and elders across the PCA.

If there are men in the PCA who love gays and lesbians and tremble at God’s Word, they need to bring a motion to the floor of GA this year to cut the the apron strings between the Presbyterian Church in America and Covenant Theological Seminary.

The Biblical response to men seeking to deform the church is to reform the church.

But yes, reform is always painful.

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