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In this episode, our heroes continue to discuss Remains of the Day. It’s a pretty great book. Our heroes have wise insights and stuff. Here is your table of contents:

00:00 The episode begins
03:12 Donor Shout-outs
08:00 Diary form
11:49 Useful naval gazing?
13:10 The right choice of form
14:18 Nice little analog metaphor
15:00 Endings
16:27 Gradesaver quiz
26:42 Dignity
31:02 Self-justification and culpability
33:36 Is Darlington evil?
36:10 Guilt
39:44 Willful blindness
43:46 We’re all English butlers
45:21 Uh-oh, we’re talking about CS Lewis again
46:52 Sophie’s choice
49:17 Your hands aren’t clean!
51:46 More questions
56:00 Self-knowledge fail
58:57 Ralph Fiennes syndrome
01:02:22 Unreliable narrator
01:05:49 Is it too late?
01:06:51 A bold symbol
01:08:34 CS Lewis tangent
01:10:22 Bookening Seal of Approval
01:13:12 Modern authors

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