Fr. Bill Mouser just forwarded a good piece on the church’s contempt for men by Matthew Cochran. An excerpt:

The henpecked husband, for example, increasingly retreats into work and hobbies to minimize dealings with his wife. It would be silly to think the same kind of dynamic wouldn’t happen in our congregations.

Yes, the article makes too much of Ross Douthat. Can we please be done with this man—as done as we are with Russ Moore? No more Ross and Russ, okay? They live for being published by the New York Times. Let the dead bury the dead.

Also, Cochran’s take on the church’s purported condemnation of abortion and homosexuality is wrong. These commitments in the church are less than paper thin, as we’ve been working hard to demonstrate for years now. Another matter is the neglect of Jesus’s beloved disciple John standing there under the Cross.

Still, the article is good. What Cochran writes seems so obvious as to wonder why it needs to be said. But alas, it does.

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