Don’t let Jake and Brandon’s kids go hungry!

In this episode our heroes discuss Remains of the Day and decide it is even better than Close Reads. Sorry, Close Reads! 🙂

00:00 General Awesomeness
03:55 Donor Shout-outs
05:47 Apology for donor shout-outs that just happened
06:47 Context begins
10:38 Biography
11:54 Between two cultures
19:38 Setting
21:47 Influences
24:31 “Process”
27:37 Emotional truth
28:41 Post modernism
34:27 Post-colonialism
36:13 Keira Knightley’s cheeckbones
37:10 Baggage check!
43:37 Modern morbid self-obsession
44:47 Nothing literary happens after this point

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