Just got an email from Union Theological Seminary in NYC announcing its Fifth Annual Millenial Leaders Project. Reading the first few sentences, it reminded me of the young Reformed men today who never stop attacking the Fatherhood of God. Their pompous, authoritarian declarations that authority and equality are incompatible would fit right in with Union’s priorities.

These guys hammering at their keyboards attacking God the Father’s authority are simply boys raised by Baby Boomer fathers who are seeking to rewrite Trinitarian doctrine in the image of their dads. Union’s announcement:

Throughout the United States and around the world, there are a growing number of grassroots social movements working to address inequality and injustice in all its various forms. Many of these movements are being organized and led by millennial generation activists. What often goes unmentioned is the significance of spirituality to these movements and the young activists within them. For some, activism is an expression of their spirituality. For others, activism and social engagement is their spirituality.
Do Millenials recognize any evil other than “inequality?” Seriously.
* * *
(Pictured is actor and former Union prof Cornell West.)

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