Fertility clinics across the country keep little babies alive by freezing them. If the freezers break down and the babies thaw, there are only two possibilities: either women come forward and ask for the babies to be implanted in their wombs and the adoptive mothers save the babies’ lives, or the babies die.

Imagine having the ability for Christian women across the country to send a message to New York City that they’re willing to adopt each of the two-thousand men and women about to die in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Would we have been willing to take these souls into our homes and love and provide for them if it would have saved their lives? Would we Christians have done it?

I’ve been told that C. Everertt Koop had around fifty couples lined up to adopt Baby Doe, rescuing the child from Bloomington Hospital’s heartlessness. What is happening┬áright now in Cleveland, Ohio at University Hospitals requires similar action by Christians…

Catastrophe has struck and 2,000 babies’ lives hang in the balance. University Hospitals clinic had an equipment failure which has resulted in frozen babies beginning to thaw out. Now, unless mothers volunteer to adopt those babies, each of the little ones will die.

They can’t be returned to their prison by being frozen a second time.

Are you willing to adopt one of these babies? If so, please contact University Hospitals at (844) 722-7192 and give them your name and contact information, or try this number: (216) 286-9740. Do it now. Document that you have done it and send me an email that you have done so.

If not University Hospitals, contact the National Embryo Donation Center at (866) 585-8549 and ask them what they are doing about this situation. Find out what you can do to help them save these children from death.

This unfortunate situation is another proof that the production and frozen enslavement of embryos is playing fast and loose with lives.

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