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If Pride and Prejudice is a book that every young person who is dating should read, Mansfield Park is a book that every parent should read. It’s full of wisdom, yo! So is this episode, thanks to the efforts of our heroes! Here are the things that happen:

00:00 Music, our heroes introduce themselves, etc.
02:18 Donor Shout-Outs
06:58 Mansfield Park is a book for parents
08:46 Manners vs. morals
11:16 If you don’t have sympathy for Fanny, reread the beginning
16:22 Less Common Acquirements
17:32 Severity Vs. Indulgence
19:05 All he had to do was smile
21:27 The perfect pharisees
22:58 Parents who won’t “run the risk of investigation”
25:18 Mediated discipline 27:48 The uses of outward conformity
30:15 Sir Thomas is not a villain
31:47 The importance of parental unity
34:30 Show affection to your kids!!!!
38:26 Pride
41:05 When all that’s left is verbal abuse
42:52 Don’t be a jerk because you’re recovering authority, Dad

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