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78. The genius of Jane Austen (Mansfield Park, Part 3)

78. The genius of Jane Austen (Mansfield Park, Part 3)

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Mansfield Park is a thorny novel. It plays with the form in challenging ways. It takes some discernment to read it properly. Today our heroes talk about these challenges, as well as the question of why Henry and Mary suck. Because they do suck, dear listener. Here are some things our heroes discuss in this amazing episode:

00:00 Our heroes are awesome
06:21 Donor Shout-outs
10:35 Genius Structure
21:34 Test Your Discernment
22:19 Complaints about the ending
25:17 Respect Your Literary Elders
27:49 Mary Crawford =/= Lizzie or Emma
30:17 Character will out
32:09 Everything is in play
36:40 Nature vs. nurture
40:58 Mr. Yates
43:25 Sobriety
44:58 The church scene
54:40 Our heroes talk about barbecue during the end credits for some reason

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