This is an episode of the greatest literature podcast ever. It is on the subject of Mansfield Park, by the one and only Jane Austen. This first episode includes the following things:

00:00 Nathan says something silly while the music starts to play
00:43 The music stops playing and our heroes talk of many interesting things, including the domestic bliss afforded Jake and Brandon by their own flawless families
08:32 Donor Shout-outs!!!!!!!!!
14:02 Contextual Texan Begins
16:10 Jane Austen’s Evening Prayer
18:32 The non-irony of Fanny Price
20:15 Jane Austen’s Life
27:20 The weird transitional literary time she lived in
29:15: Romanticism! Emotions! Cliffs!
34:48 Free Indirect Style
36:53 The Peerage System
40:39 Slavery
42:47 Landscape Development
44:26 Sublimity is the worst
45:35 A mixed critical response 🙁
47:41 A Feminist Marxist reading
50:24 Controversy!
51:41 Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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