Our heroes continue to discuss Till We Have Faces, and decide that the ending freaks them out.

1:15 Donor Shout-outs
3:24 Our heroes introduce themselves
6:09 Our heroes discuss Master and Commander for some reason
8:36 Our heroes discuss terrible children’s movies, specifically Shrek, for some reason
10:20 Our heroes are still bitter about Winnie the Pooh
10:46 We are ambivalent about this book
12:00 The shadowy, puppety characters
14:24 It was a fun book to read
15:17 The journey vs the destination
15:47 The virtue of flat characters
18:24 The vice of flat characters
20:29 A psychologically real novel?
23:41 People who say this novel is great are weird
28:00 Things We Liked
33:27 Why do certain people like this book?
35:17 The false gospel of CS Lewis
38:00 Lewis’s conception of holiness
45:47 How it should have ended
48:37 A rationalist with no faith
50:00 Bookening Seal of Approval ????

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