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71. CS Lewis’s Til We Have Faces, Part 1

71. CS Lewis’s Til We Have Faces, Part 1

Our heroes dig into the semi-wonderful, but also kinda icky story of CS Lewis, and his final novel, Til We Have Faces.

Things that happen in this episode:

00:36 Our heroes are awesome
05:40 Donor Shout-outs
11:12 Contextual Texan
14:33 Biography
17:05 The Irish Influence
19:38 Childhood
22:10 Weird Unmentionable Things About Lewis’s Past
26:26 WAR!
27:25 Back to Oxford
30:59 Til We Have Faces
32:56 Cupid and Psyche
35:19 Lewis’s Wacko Mysticism
37:12 The Inklings Were Crazy, Yo
41:37 Owen Barfield and the Occult
44:48 Preface to Paradise Lost
45:32 Baggage Check
01:06 Guys with Something to Say Vs. Guys with a Story a Tell

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