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67. Dubliners, Part 1

67. Dubliners, Part 1

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Apologies, we were going to do our 2018 booklist this week, but for boring behind-the-scenes reasons it ended up making more sense to do Dubliners first. However, if you want to get reading for 2018, we’re doing CS Lewis’s Til We Have Faces in January and Mansfield Park by Jane Austen in February.


00:45 Our heroes are awesome!
10:52 Donor Shout-outs
18:02 Context begins
19:09 Nathan gives a caveat for Brandon
20:37 Introduction to James Joyce
24:02 Joyce’s History
27:27 Ireland
33:36 Joyce’s place in Irish History and Culture
35:57 Joyce’s depravity
40:15 Wrapping up Joyce’s Life
44:27 The theme of Paralysis
49:00 Epiphany
52:05 Baggage check

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