Back in the day when this father was looking at colleges to suggest to his children, the one at the top of my list was Grove City College in Pennsylvania. I even drove one of my daughters out to Pittsburgh to try to get her interested.

No more will I be trying to get anyone interested in Grove City College.

Today, if I were helping my children choose a college, the last place in the world I’d recommend is some college that claims to be a private Christian institution of higher learning while paying its professors to deny the authority of God’s Word.

That’s what Grove City College has become. Who needs it? Every state has public universities where taxpayer’s money is used to attack God and His Word. Why pay extra for it to be done to your children by men and women who trade on the name of Jesus while milking their students’ godly parents of $20-40,000 each year?

Where do you look for this attack on God and His Word?

Sexuality. Today the knife driven into Christian orthodoxy by sneaky professors at cowardly Christian colleges is always sexuality and it’s Grove City’s turn to put their hand to the dagger.

Homsexual orientation is a real deal. God makes some people that way. From birth. They don’t change. Don’t try to change them. It’s wrong. Leave them alone. Stick to faith in Jesus and leave the gays and lesbians alone.

Professor Warren Throckmorton of Grove City College:

To those on the right who have argued that homosexuality hurts people because it is sinful, Throckmorton would say that real-life experience often does not always bear that out.

“I know [gays] who are living a great life and they’re healthy and everything’s fine,” he said. “It just is. Gays just are.”

Like Russ Moore, Heath Lambert, and Al Mohler, Professor Throckmorton opposes reparative therapy.

The article on Throckmorton is filled with the sort of lies that have come to characterize the church’s voice on lesbianism and sodomy during the past couple of years:

In 2016, Throckmorton and some other faculty put a small rainbow sticker on the doors to their offices, to make LGBT students feel more welcome. “We have students at our school who are very accomplished, some of our best students, and they’re gay,” Throckmorton said.

The innuendo of this bad prof is that Christians who honor the Word of God’s condemnation of sodomy and lesbianism think gays are unaccomplished and stupid.

Professor Throckmorton continues:

For sure the Bible wasn’t meant to be a textbook on human nature. The Bible may have authoritative things to say. However, the Bible doesn’t comment on everything. There’s a lot about human nature and human functioning that we just can’t really know from reading the Scripture, so that’s a problem.

Some Christians believe that there is a prohibition on same-sex behavior. Other Christians believe there is no such prohibition. We have a difference of understanding. Psychology teaches us, and tells us, that coming out or being open about one’s sexuality is mentally more healthy than not doing that.

Grove City College has known of Professor Throckmorton’s apostasy for some time now, yet they continue to pay him money and provide him students to lead astray.

Stay away from Grove City College.

It’s that simple.

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