Christians should celebrate Thanksgiving because Christians should be thankful, right? Duh! Except … what do we do with an American holiday that serves for many people to celebrate the great things about a country that, yes, has some great things, but also has some very wicked, shameful ones.

Fact is, for many people, Thanksgiving is a excuse to decadently celebrate some decadent things about our decadent country, paying lip-service to some sort of permissive, grandfatherly American God, ignoring the Holy One of the Bible. What’s a Christian to do? And, uh, what about the Native Americans who sorta kinda owned this country first?

All that PLUS Nathan tells the true, completely 100% factual story of the Founding Fathers, and our heroes play a fun game.

Here’s a good starting place if you’re interested in more information on fact vs. fiction in the history of Thanksgiving. 

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