IT’S WHAT EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR THE WHOLE YEAR, OUR DISCUSSION OF MARTIN DRESSLER BY STEVEN MILLHAUSER, WAHOOOOOOO!!!! That’s right, our heroes are talking Steven Millhauser, that poet of the uncanny creeping at the edges of the mundane (he’ s not actually a poet). This is one of Nathan’s favorite books we read this year … BUT SHOULD IT BE???????? Over the next couple weeks, our heroes intend to find out.

Our heroes are awesome (00:00), DONOR SHOUTOUTS! (05:00) (Newer donors, you should all be included by the time our heroes do Dubliners), The Contextual Texan Talks Millhauser + Post-Modernism (08:15), Why People (Including Andrew Henry) Have Trouble With Millhauser’s Hypnotic Effect (17:07), Magical Realism (28:52), Baggage Check (35:05), Jake And His Family Went To a Cool Museum One Time (51:03).

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