Kids’ sports

Kids’ sports

Kids’ sports. They can be an all-consuming idol, or they can be a fun way to mature, grow, and learn. Or can they? This week our heroes are putting it the SOS test. This leads into a discussion of the ways we can honor the heritage our parents gave us as we become parents. And the stupid ways we can reject it. Also Nathan quizzes Ben on his mastery of the deadly art of feng shui.

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Nathan Alberson is co-founder and creative director of Warhorn Media. He hosts three podcasts—The Bookening, The World We Made, and Sound of Sanity.


Jake is the CEO of Warhorn Media and the discipleship pastor of Clearnote Church. He also teaches at Clearnote Pastors College.


Engineer. Production assistant. Podcaster. Is there anything Ben Sulser DOESN'T do?

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