My alma mater, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, wants to teach campus workers and youth pastors how to dialog with young people. Gordon-Conwell thinks the best way to evangelize “young people” is to show that you understand their concerns, that you think their concerns of the utmost importance, that God shares their concerns, and that what they need in order to become lifelong dues-paying participants in this thing called “Evangelicalism” is campus workers and youth pastors who channel God to them in a way that demonstrates their great sensitivities to the deeply fractured nature of sexuality in our society.

This is American Evangelicalism’s way. Sadly, it’s also the victory Tim Keller has won in Reformed churches across our country.

Never stop demonstrating to the world your passion to use your spiritual leadership to provide a safe place in which young men and women are free to form a theologically informed nuanced approach to this charged and complex issue of sexuality.

While our sexual debauched world is playing punch-mouth with God’s order of male and female—from authority to identity and desire right down to the bed itself—Gordon-Conwell trains our church officers to come alongside those who “wonder if there is a safe space in which to form a theologically informed and nuanced approach to these charged and complex issues.”

Symposium on Youth Ministry:

Traditional Biblical Sexuality in a Changing Youth Culture

 by Gordon-Conwell’s Shoemaker Center for Church Renewal
As debates about human sexuality dominate classrooms, coffee shops, and social media, youth ministers committed to a traditional Biblical ethic may struggle to find their voice. Some may wonder if there is a safe space in which to form a theologically informed and nuanced approach to these charged and complex issues. Join Dr. Walt Mueller of the Center for Parent Youth Understanding and Dr. Duffy Robbins of Eastern University for an intensive multi-day symposium…
This Symposium presumes participants’ affirmation of a historic, orthodox Christian sexual ethic and will be building from this premise, not debating it.

What is this “historic, orthodox Christian sexual ethic” they will not allow to be debated?

Whatever else it may be, it will absolutely under no circumstances include woman being the weaker vessel, woman being silent in the church, woman being saved through childbearing, woman being the keeper at home, woman being the glory of man, wives submitting to their husbands, woman being man’s glory, and so on. How can I say this?

Like Tim Keller, I got my M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell. This seminary has always opposed the authority God placed in the male of our species. They love women pastors and elders.

In other words, the Apostles Peter and Paul have not been invited to participate in Gordon-Conwell’s symposium.

How much will it cost you to learn how to relegate most everything the Bible commands concerning sexuality to the trash bin?

In addition to a flight into Boston, a rental car, a hotel room, and two meals a day:

Fee: $625 (registration by November 20) $695 (after November 20) Fee includes Symposium, Instruction, Materials, Snacks, and Lunches. Fee does not include travel, overnight lodging, and additional meals. (see FAQ’s for lodging suggestions)

Gordon-Conwell is limiting the symposium to 25 participants, so they’ll be pulling in something like $16,000.

What a shame it is that there are so few men today who believe in the Gospel and words of God—precisely concerning sexuality! After spending most of my life among young men and women in university communities, I can say without fear of contradiction that there is no Biblical truth more evangelistic and prophetic today than Adam being created first, then Eve; and Eve being the one who was deceived. Young men and women have suffered under the corruption of sexuality that is endemic to our culture and they are ready and waiting for something else.

God’s loving something else. When they hear it, their hearts melt and they return to the Lover of their sexual souls.

We never stop seeing it in our ministry, as well as with our children. And we do not charge you $650 to tell you.

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