Things that happen in this episode: Halloween puns! (00:00) The depiction of EVIL (06:00). Daddy issues. (28:00).

Fun fact: per some random article by the Imaginative Conservative, SWTWC touches on the following (from a list of the 102 Great Ideas that Mortimer Adler says a great novel can touch upon): Beauty, Being, Cause, Chance, Change, Citizen, Courage, Custom and Convention, Desire, Duty, Emotion, Eternity, Evolution, Experience, Family, Fate, God, Good and Evil, Habit, Happiness, Honor, Immortality, Judgment, Knowledge, Law, Life and Death, Love, Man, Memory and Imagination, Mind, Nature, Opinion, Opposition, Philosophy, Pleasure and Pain, Prudence, Punishment, Reasoning, Relation, Religion, Senses, Sign and Symbol, Sin, Soul, Temperance, Theology, Time, Truth, Virtue and Vice, Will, Wisdom, and World.

Eat your heart our, Marilynne Robinson!

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