I’ve warned souls that The Federalist is politics and morals stripped of God and His Law and Word. A friend passes on this paean to Hugh Heffner as Exhibit A.

Here’s a eulogy that tells readers to look past Heffner’s moral degradation so we can stop and give thanks for his complementarianism. Stop and give thanks that his brand of moral degradation honors natural theology (meaning the right use of body parts). Of Heffner, The Federalist says:

…his work celebrates the sexual complementarity that has bound men and women together since the dawn of time.

This is what complementarianism has become and we have only ourselves to blame.

First, we all jumped on board with the Danvers Statement and began to do something unheard of across church history. We denied that father-rule is a universal law established by God when He created Adam first, then Eve. Instead, we reassured Christians that male authority is only a private Christian thing limited to the Christian church and home. Joining the compromisers of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, we too trotted out the lie that father-rule is not established by God’s order of creation—and thus father-rule has no application to the billions living without God and without hope in this world.1

Next, we all jumped on the same-sex attracted, gay Christian bandwagon and began repeating their talking points perfectly matched to CBMW’s talking points before them. Manhood and womanhood are not callings given us by God. A gender identity contrary to the sex God made us is no sin. It’s fine to be an effeminate as long as you promise not to copulate wrongly. Godliness is not heterosexuality. Godliness is merely the avoidance of wrongful use of body parts. Some of my best friends are gay same-sex attracted Christians living out on LivingOut.org.

So now America’s playboy Hugh Heffner has died and The Federalist is telling readers that, despite his lechery, we should celebrate the fact that his lechery celebrated “sexual complementarity.”

Evangelical reformed men stripped the public square of any faithful witness to the Edenic meaning of man and woman, so now they’re left grasping Hugh Heffner’s “sexual complementarity.” This is their legacy.

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1While it’s true complementarians occasionally mention the order of creation being prior to the Fall and universal, this is a dead letter CBMW never stamps or mails—and thereby denies. Thus one looks in vain for confessions of father-rule made to the world or applied to the public square.