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6. Sanity Vs. The Babylon Bee

6. Sanity Vs. The Babylon Bee

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Yes, our heroes have decided to come out of the closet as Bee haters. One might even say they have a bee in their bonnet. Except that would be lame. So we won’t say that. But we will say that Sound of Sanity is not a huge fan of The Babylon Bee. Our heroes are sick of its easy targets, cheap validation, derivative style, and use of outright blasphemy in the name of humor. Sound harsh? Listen to the episode, dear Listener, and you be the judge.


About The Authors


Nathan Alberson is co-founder and creative director of Warhorn Media. He hosts three podcasts—The Bookening, The World We Made, and Sound of Sanity.


Jake is the CEO of Warhorn Media and the discipleship pastor of Clearnote Church. He also teaches at Clearnote Pastors College.


Engineer. Production assistant. Podcaster. Is there anything Ben Sulser DOESN'T do?

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