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The World We Made is a new podcast series from Warhorn Media. It is hosted by Jake Mentzel and Nathan Alberson, and features Pastor Tim Bayly, author of Daddy Tried and the forthcoming The Grace of Shame.

Tim grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, and he has seen America and the world change. A lot. And, in some ways, his generation is responsible for much of the change, good and bad. In each episode, Tim brings his keen pastoral, cultural, and personal insight to the topics everyone is talking about.

Season 1 is about homosexuality. How did we get from anti-sodomy laws in all 50 states (just 50 years ago) to where we are today? What exactly are the changes and what do they mean? What part did the culture play and what part did the church play? How are regular Bible-believing Christians supposed to respond? How do we witness God’s love to a broken world without forsaking His truth?

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