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In today’s episode, our heroes (sadly sans Brandon) continue their discussion from the Newbery ep about why reading is not some kind of big inherent virtue like so many educators and pundits make it out to be. As our heroes point out:

1. Reading, like any discipline, requires actual work. Sometimes mundane work. It is not (merely) a glorious series of transcendent moments and discoveries, like, y’know Reading Rainbow kinda makes you think.

2. Reading (or any art) is not the ultimate point of the well-lived god-honoring life.

3. If you’re one of those Christians who thinks he’s going to redeem the culture through it engaging it with the arts, you’re pretty dumb.

CORRECTION: Nathan very well may be wrong at the end of the episode when he says that next week we start Joseph Conrad’s Heart of DarknessIf all goes according to plan, next week we hope to have a Very Special Episode to finish out our discussion of children’s literature. After that, Conrad, baby!

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