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“Man, in short, is to storm the heavens and overthrow the gods, or even to become a god himself. There is nothing outrageously improbable in such a conspiracy. Indeed, at a moment when a single atomic bomb – of a type already pronounced “obsolete” – has just blown probably three hundred thousand people to fragments, it sounds all too topical. Plenty of people in our age do entertain the monstrous dreams of power that Mr. Lewis attributes to his characters, and we are within sight of the time when such dreams will be realisable.”–From a review of That Hideous Strength by George Orwell

In our final episode on C. S. Lewis’s weird book, our heroes ponder modernism, post modernism, and the demise of western civilization itself!!!!!!!!!

Special thanks again to our guest star for this series, Pastor Stephen Baker, dean of the most excellent Clearnote Pastor’s College.

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Next month we’re reading As I Lay Dying.

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