In this episode our heroes begin their discussion of C. S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength. They spend much of the time discussing Lewis himself–who he was, the larger context of his life and work, and whether he is a trustworthy influence on Christians today. You’ll learn why the Space Trilogy actually shouldn’t be called that, what kinds of trashy novels C. S. Lewis was a sucker for, and how Lewis thought a novel of adventure, fantasy, or escapism should work. You’ll also learn why, even given some of Lewis’s more egregious doctrinal errors, if you found yourself in his shoes, you wouldn’t have done any better. So haters be cool.

Our heroes are aided immeasurably by the presence of their first ever guest star, Stephen Baker, huge Space Trilogy nerd (he wouldn’t like us calling it that) and associate pastor of Clearnote Church and Dean of Clearnote Pastor’s College (aspiring pastors, check it out!).

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Next month we’re reading As I Lay Dying

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