Don’t worry, Emma is still coming. (!!!) It’ll be up in the next few weeks, as soon as our heroes get through this emergency poetry series.

Why an emergency poetry series? Well, for one thing, these episodes do take a lot of work to produce, and our heroes have lives and full-time jobs and blah blah blah. Our heroes needed a little extra time to get into the grove of a novel-a-month again. Especially after the awesome but behemoth Anna Karenina. 

Moreover, our heroes love poetry, and they wanted to make a case to you, the listener, that you should read more poetry. It rocks. It was good enough for King David after all. And the Living God chose to include more than 150 poems in His book of books.

So poetry is not just for pretentious effeminate losers. In fact, it’s not for pretentious effeminate losers at all. They may try to ruin it from time to time, but they can’t. Because it rocks. If you think you don’t like poetry, it’s because you’ve either read the wrong poetry, or your heart is two-sizes two small. Either way, it’s time to man up and read some poems. Or at least listen to Nathan, Brandon, and Jake do so for the next couple weeks.

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Coming super soon, we swear, Emma by the Great Jane Austen 

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