Was This A “White-lash”?

First, let me address those of you that are mourning her loss as a “white-lash” on social media, and crying about what you will tell your children. I’ll get straight to the point. If this election was a white-lash, as you claim, then my wife—the mother of two adopted black children—is a racist.

Let me put it a different way. If this is a white-lash, an awful lot of minority people were part of it. Did all the racists vote for Trump? I’m sure they did. But guess what? I guarantee you they all voted against Obama, too. Twice. There weren’t nearly enough racists in this country to keep Obama out of the Whitehouse, and then there weren’t enough racists to give him the boot when he ran for a second term. Yet now you think it’s racism and intolerance that has kept a white woman out of office? Let’s examine the facts.

To start with, compared to four years ago, a higher percentage of African Americans voted Republican this year. Same with Asians. Same with Hispanics. Trump actually made inroads among the minorities. And I’m getting my numbers from CNN, not Breitbart.

We aren’t just talking about lower turnout among minorities, either. Whites made up a lower percentage of voters this election. Not only that, but Trump lost ground among white voters, compared to Romney. Did you catch that? Trump actually underperformed Romney among white people, and outperformed him among minorities.

To claim that this election is a reaction against having a black president is to completely ignore reality and believe a convenient lie instead. Trump voters were more diverse than Romney voters. Clinton voters were less diverse than Obama voters. Something else is going on here.

Trump took less of the white vote and more of the black vote. That’s not a white-lash or racism. As one writer pointed out, “the same voters who went for Trump sent Tim Scott back to the Senate.”

You want to know what happened? I’ll tell you. A diverse group of people came together to vote for Trump for a diverse set of reasons. Some of them are xenophobic Trump supporters. Many others, like my wife, were simply voting against Hillary. Do you know what they all had in common, though? They weren’t sick of having a black president. They were sick of being oppressed by the bigoted liberals in DC and California. Trump makes for a poor hero, but at least he isn’t exhibit A of everything we hate about our corrupt ruling class. He’s more like exhibit B, which isn’t much of an improvement, honestly, but at least he isn’t bragging about how he will continue to oppress us while calling it “progress.”

Declaring this a “white-lash,” and accusing 60+ million people en masse of being motivated by bigotry and racism is something we’re used to. It’s not true, but we can take it. We just won’t vote for it to continue when given half a chance.

Is Hillary Actually Better than Trump?

Now let me speak to those of you who think that the church has lost its credibility by voting in large numbers for Trump. You’re right. But not because they voted for him in the general election. The primary is where that sickening story unfolded. In the general election, Christians lost their credibility by voting for Clinton. Trump has the stated goal of performing godless, wicked deeds. Clinton has the stated goal of performing wicked deeds and making it illegal to obey God. The two don’t even begin to compare.

I’m sympathetic to your sorrow over Trump being president. In fact, I share it, because I don’t think he will be a good president. However, I am truly delighted that Clinton lost. Everything she stood for was worse than Trump. Even Trump’s movement towards the bigotry of race-baiting identity and resentment politics pales in comparison to Clinton’s. The hypocrisy of the claim to being open-minded and tolerant is astounding.

You want to talk about bullying? Huge portions of the country suffer bullying every day from your friends in DC without melting into pools of self-pity. The Christians are bullied for being bigoted when they aren’t. The rural people are bullied for being stupid when they aren’t. The blue-collar workers are bullied for being backwards when they aren’t. The uneducated are bullied for being ignorant when they aren’t. Each wears the libelous label with a certain amount of pride. Don’t believe me? Read this.

You want to talk about enabling sexual perversity and aggression? To start with, Hillary has been enabling this stuff for decades by defending the man she is married to who appears to have actually done worse than Trump’s terrible talk. But there’s a far more important point. Hillary and her supporters are doing their best to tear down cultural protections for our wives and daughters against perverts like Trump and Bill, and you can’t figure out why we wouldn’t vote for her?

You want to talk about victimizing women? Hillary and her supporters are attempting to force our wives and daughters into harms way via the draft, and you want us to lament that she lost?

You want to talk about bigotry? Hillary’s very definition of tolerance excludes the possibility of being a Christian in public, doing her best to obliterate religious freedom and replace it with the very narrow “freedom of worship.” To her, speaking the truth in love is hate-speech. I can’t tell you how delighted I am that she lost, since I don’t want to go to jail for preaching God’s word.

You want to talk about dehumanizing one people group for the economic well-being of another? This is the very definition of abortion, which Hillary supports to the tune of 1.3 million innocent babies dead each year in our country. Praise God that Hillary lost!

Will Trump do anything different than Hillary? Yes. Will he do what many gullible people hope? Of course not. Now we wait and see how many places he was lying, opposing him wherever he rules contrary to God’s law. As has been made obvious throughout his life and the election, we’ll have plenty of places to oppose him.

In the meantime, we face a choice as a nation. And this choice doesn’t come along once every four years. We make this choice every single day. Will we repent of our sexual immorality, greed, murder, and idolatry, like Nineveh? Or will we plug our ears like the city of Jerusalem, and continue our march to destruction. The people of God face the same choice, with the addition of another layer: Will we call on our nation to repent, like Jeremiah, mourning when it doesn’t? Or will we join our voices to those demanding that God’s word of warning never be proclaimed publicly?

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