In this episode we discuss the monsters in Beowulf—Grendel, his mother, and the dragon. Why monsters? Why fight them? And is the modern urge to feel sympathy for Grendel justified?

Then we figure out What It All Means. Is Beowulf some kind of elaborate Christian apology like Pastor Douglas Wilson thinks it is? Or is it just a cool poem about a bro fighting some demons and a dragon? How much of the Christian stuff was there in the first place and how much of it is the poet Christianizing a pagan story?

After that, Jake goes to battle with Brandon again, in a crazed attempt to reclaim his Kenning Contest honor. You can play along from home, Dearest Listener. What you do is when Nathan says one of the clues you guess it before Jake or Brandon can, and then see if you were right or wrong. It’s ever so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Next month we’re reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare. No time to read it? Don’t want to read a play? You can watch a good movie version (warning: gore, witches) with Patrick Stewart. It’s a play so it’s not cheating. No special points for reading a play when you can view it. Y

WARNING: The recent Michael Fassbender version is the worst.

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