It is with heavy hearts that our heroes reconvene to discuss Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. What was once the glorious trio of Nathan, Jake, and Brandon is now the sad, pathetic, useless duo of just Nathan and Brandon.

For alas, Jake lies moldering in the ground, shot by a stray bullet from Brandon’s gun. Nevermore will his now-decaying lips pour forth insight upon the great classics of literature. Nevermore will his tall frame be stooped inside a tiny recording studio. For him there is sleep and dust. Aka death. Jake is dead.

Without Jake’s heart, without Jake’s wit, without Jake’s wisdom, how will our remaining heroes discuss one of the liveliest, funniest, profoundist, all-around-greatest American novels this side of the Mississippi?

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Next month, we’re reading a play by Francis Bacon (or maybe Christopher Marlowe) entitled William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We’re also watching the (possibly quite gory for all we know) recent Michael Fassbender movie version, which you can rent or watch on Amazon Prime here. Beowulf! (Macbeth is the month after that).

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