**SPOILER FREE EPISODE** (You can listen to this podcast even if you haven’t read East of Eden.) (And hopefully it will make you want to read East of Eden.) (Because you should read it.)

Our matchless heroes cast one last lingering look at Jane Austen, along with a withering glare at some Austen spin-offs, knock-offs, and sequelizations.

Then it’s on to John Steinbeck and his magnum opus East of Eden. Which you should read if you haven’t because (SPOILER) it’s great.

The gang offer an overview of the book, it’s themes, and why you’re a bad person if you won’t read it. In his rootin’/tootin’ manner, Brandon talks about why the Lost Generation was a bunch of babies and how Steinbeck stood apart. Jake and Nathan compare John Steinbeck to a dithering grandfather and somehow it comes out to a compliment. Our heroes all agree that Steinbeck was, above all, a storyteller, and it is the art of the storyteller that he is practicing so magnificently in East of Eden, moreso perhaps even than the writer’s art.

We really like this book. A lot. Please read it if you haven’t. Seriously.

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Next week, we’ll dig into the meat (and MAJOR SPOILERS) of the novel. For good boys and girls who want to get ahead, we’ll be doing The Jungle Book in May. But read East of Eden first. You owe it to yourself.

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